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What is Audio Marketing? | Tal Florentin

September 03, 2021 Swire Ho #thepromoguy Season 2 Episode 57
The Small Business Show
What is Audio Marketing? | Tal Florentin
Show Notes

What is audio marketing?

Learn about the opportunities audio has to offer in order to help your target audience digest the professional content that is available

Some ideas discussed include: 

- Turning long form text into audio clips

- Turning blog posts into podcasts

- Creating authentic audio layer on top of classic content 


For the last decade, Tal Florentin has been one of the leading UX specialists in the Israeli market. Florentin is a published author, speaker, winner of the UX award and founder of the Israeli UX certification program.

Tal designed more than 180 UX design projects for fortune-500 companies incl. Intel, Progressive, Microsoft, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Payoneer, LG and more.   

Florentin founded Summurai – the world’s first branded audio CMS – with the promise to allow busy people to know more with less effort. Samurai allows companies to create branded audio channels, add branded audio content to their customer journeys and promote audio-marketing.

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