The Small Business Show

Investing in Yourself | WendyAnn Hornak

July 13, 2021 Swire Ho #thepromoguy Season 2 Episode 53
The Small Business Show
Investing in Yourself | WendyAnn Hornak
Show Notes

How do you really want to spend your time, and what is your core value as an entrepreneur? Are you always focusing on your business, but not spending enough time to invest in yourself?

Find out the answers to these questions with our conversation with MaryAnn Hornak in this episode. Learn how to do more with less and the one change that you can do today to become successful. 


WendyAnn helps her clients herald unprecedented growth by revolutionizing their business processes.

Having worked with world renowned leaders like Tony Robbins, Kelly Roach and Frazer Brooks to name a few, her knowledge and passion combined sets her apart from the crowd and allows her clients to flourish beyond their expectations.

She has had the privilege of helping numerous Fortune 500 clients streamline their operating standards to have a positive impact not just on their margin but also growth. WendyAnn has been around the business world for decades, as both of her parents were top contributors on Wall Street in NYC. Her extensive knowledge combined with her passion to help others push past their obstacles is what drives her clients to continue to want more for themselves and their business growth.

She is a firm believer that the best investment anyone can make is in themselves, which will allow them to have a massive impact on others. She is a business growth strategist but MORE importantly the founder of the MORE Community where we mentor family focused online business owners and entrepreneurs learn a simple strategy for a consistent 6-7 figure income.

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