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The ROI of Video Marketing | Meredith Yinger

July 07, 2021 Swire Ho #thepromoguy Season 2 Episode 51
The Small Business Show
The ROI of Video Marketing | Meredith Yinger
Show Notes

Meredith Yinger, co-founder of She TV Media, LLC is our guest for this episode..  

Video is the most efficient and creative way to reach your audience, engage clients, and spread awareness of your products//services. Google is 53x more likely to feature you on the first page of a search if you have just one video embedded on your website. Video marketing is the best ROI.

According to Meredith Virtual events are here to stay- if not taking over, but as an added aspect or option for fundraisers/galas/ events. We are excited to continue to adapt as the industry changes.


Meredith Yinger is a Los Angeles based director, host, and producer. She loves to bring stories to life through the magic of film. Be it documentaries, interviewing experts, or collaborating with other established and aspiring artists, Meredith is eager to support those who have untold stories to share. The Madams- a web series Meredith Directed- was recently awarded the Best Web Series/TV Pilot Series at the Venice Shorts Film Awards and the Award of Merit Special Mention: Web Series and Award of Merit Special Mention: Women Filmmakers from IndieFest.

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